Espiroide Earrings Set

Ref: 62101001

Espiroide Collection is inspired by a Celtic diadem from the Bronze Age found in Elviña in the mid-30s.

Elviña was inhabited by Celtic settlements from the Iron Age, becoming a unique maritime fortress, noted for its virtuosity in the fields of goldsmithing and pottery.

In each piece of the Espiroide collection, its structure is highlighted in 925 Silver Filigree with the spiroid motif of the aforementioned headband.

Sterling silver 925 silver earrings.

Hand-painted porcelain tile in Intense Blue Color.

Porcelain fittings: Semi Sphere 10.50 mm x 7.6mm.

Wing nut  8 mm in Silver of 1st Law 925.

Weight 3 grams per slope.

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Espiroide Earrings Set

Ref: 62101001