The history of Sargadelos dates back to 1806, with the founding of the first factory in Galicia, northwestern Spain, being one of the oldest in Europe. Since then Sargadelos has been manufacturing, with a true commitment to techniques and details, the highest quality porcelain. The combination of both traditional culture and the most avantgarde design have been essential in the evolution of the company’s porcelains. The master craftsmen collaborate with the most innovative designers to create diverse pieces, with a unique, unmistakable, and inimitable personality. Under a completely sustainable approach, the products are not just made to last, but also to help the environment last. 

All the factory’s processes ensure a positive impact on the world, recycling and reusing wherever possible:
  • The casting pastes are always reused once they have been filtered.
  • The consumption of the machines is always optimised with the use of variable speed drives.
  • The residual heat from the kilns is used to acclimatise the manufacturing plants and drying rooms.
  • Only natural gas and clean fuels are used in the factories.
  • The grey cardboard that we use in the manufacture of the boxes is fully recyclable, since the color is applied with smoke and natural components.
  • The casting pastes are always reused once they have been filtered.
  • Sargadelos is constantly investigating the use of more ecological pigments.
  • Sargadelos always prioritises local or national suppliers for raw materials and consumables necessary for the process, favouring local economic growth.
  • Sargadelos constantly re-evaluates and reinvents its packaging to ensure a minimal impact on nature, while maintaining the design and the brand essence that characterises the brand.
  • All the paper and cardboard used are FSC certified guaranteeing that they come from sustainably managed forest sources. The unique blue color of the paper at the beginning of the production process reduces the use of inks and an uncoated paper ensures that it is fully recyclable.
  • Aware of the impact that plastic has on the oceans, Sargadelos has eliminated them from its entire distribution chain and stores.