Blue & Yellow Trenza Bracelet

Description: This jewel has been made and hand painted with Sargadelos porcelain, decorated under enamel and mounted on a 5 mm diameter braided leather cord with snap closure and 925 silver rings with engraved logo.

Measurements: Size M (17 cm) Weight: 8.5 grs. Size L (20 cm) Weight: 9.5 grs.

Colour: Blue and yellow.

Care: It is not recommended to carry out activities that could damage it, such as activities of high physical impact or sport. Avoid contact with water, cosmetics and / or household products, as they may contain ingredients that damage the color and brightness of your pieces. To clean the leather parts of your jewel we recommend the use of specific waxes or a fragrance-free and color-free moisturizer.

Blue & Yellow Trenza Bracelet