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In Galicia of the seventeenth century, the Galician Baroque appears in a moment of cultural effervescence. One of the great architects of the Galician Baroque was Simon Rodriguez, who owes the decoration based on circular plates, volutes, cuts, discs ..., calling itself this Baroque style of plates, which is a good example of the Compostela convent of Santa Clara.

In SARGADELOS, always attentive to our history, we could not forget this art known as Galician Baroque and, especially, its plates we made, in his tribute, this Volute decorated low and on deck.

This decorative piece has been painted by hand on glazed porcelain with an intense red colour, cooking in this stage at 800 º C (for third time). For this reason the production process is more laborious.


Height: 26 cm.

Material: Porcelain.

Care: Clean with a soft damp cloth.


Ref: 05019040


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