Green Geo Tote Bag

Ref: CPS00302


The Green Tote Bag  is handcrafted in beautiful bovine leather, designed with unique geometric shapes hand sewn to the base.

Additionally a brand representative handmade small porcelain piece is included inside, hand sewn to the wallet, also included outside the bag our well known handmade celtic trisquel in porcelain.

Measures:  Width: 42 cm. Height: 31 cm.

-Handcrafted stitching and edging.

- Zip fastening and matching leather puller.

- Adjustable leather handles.

- Inside zip pocket.

- Spacious interior.

- Handcrafted by Spanish artisans.

- Colors are inspired by our well-known animals, in this case the Kingfisher.

- High quality leathers used to create this item. Our women collection is inspired by geometric elements.

For centuries, these designs have been present in the popular culture and history of Galicia.

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Green Geo Tote Bag

Ref: CPS00302

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