Prior Lighthouse Small

Ref: 05005093


Prior Cape is a typical cape of the Galician coast and closes on the North the Magnus Portus Artabrorum, about which Mela, Pliny and Ptolomeo talk. Thanks to a document from 1286 by the king Sancho the Brave, it is known that the monks form Sobrado used to collect the tithe from the benefit of the whales which were cut into pieces in Prior Bay. Then, Nuno Freire de Andrade took hold of every monks´possesion and ordered to build a port and the most primitive lighthouse.The current lighthouse on Prior Cape started to work on the 1st March 1853 with a still white light lit 15 miles away.


Lenght: 8 cm.

Width: 8 cm.

Height: 15,5 cm.

Material: Porcelain

Care: Clean with a soft damp cloth.

Prior Lighthouse Small

Ref: 05005093


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