Ref: 05011085


At Sargadelos, in recent years, we do not value monarchies too highly. But in the case of this woman, Elisabeth II, her long-lived presence in public life has made her an icon of popular culture. Now, on the occasion of her death, we wanted to reinterpret her effigy in a porcelain sculpture that represents the pomp, timelessness and imperturbability of this queen. 

We have added a tear on her right cheek as an allegory of the monarchs' sorrow for a time that will never return, a time when royalty was respected and admired by its subjects.


Lenght: 13,8 cm

Width: 13,5 cm

Height:20,5 cm

Base: 12,5x8,7 cm

Material: Porcelain.

Care: Clean with a soft damp cloth.


Ref: 05011085