Elesede 51

Ref: 05004999


The Beatles are undoubtedly the most acclaimed and influential rock band in the history of music.

The group, always with a great commercial success, became a never before seen social and cultural phenomenon.

The music and aesthetics of The Beatles have permeated our Westrn culture since the second half of the 20th century. The rebellion of the youth in those sixties led the hippie movement and the May 1968 revolts, but the carefree, insolent and daring music of countless musical groups tempered the proclaimed contemp and transgression.

With this reinterpretation of the iconic "Yellow submarine", SARGADELOS wants to pay tribute to change the world and although they did not succed, they opened new paths to freedom with their enthusiasm for life and their passion for music.


Length: 25 cm.

Height: 18 cm.

Width: 11cm.

Material: Porcelain

Care:Clean with a soft damp cloth.

Elesede 51

Ref: 05004999