QM2 Bowls Breakfast Set

Ref: 03050010

Description: Breakfast in many homes is the most important meal of the day. Not only because of the intake itself, but also because those first few hours can mark the evolution of the day. From SARGADELOS we want those first moments to be unique. With that eagerness we present this new breakfast pack, stackable and with a vibrant and fun decoration that will cheer up the mornings of its users.

Composition: Composed of one bottle (milk), one L jar (cereals), both with an airtight wooden lid, and two bowls. This pack will allow you to have everything at hand and perfectly identified. With the grace and uniqueness of a decoration that plays with gaps and masses of colour to start the day with good positive energy.


Bowl and Jar diameter: 12 cm

Jar height: 25 cm

Bowl height: 6,5 cm

Bottle height: 28.5 cm

Jar capacity: 2 l

Bowl Capacity: 350 ml

Bottle Capacity: 1.2 L

Material: Porcelana.

Care: Suitable for dishwashers and microwaves.

QM2 Bowls Breakfast Set

Ref: 03050010


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