Robin Mini Ring

Ref: 62204072


An adjustable ring featuring Sargadelos traditional decorative Robin figure, reinterpreted to wear as a piece of jewellery.

New line of jewelry with the collaboration of Andrés Gallardo, which combines craftsmanship and contemporaneity turning some of the most recognizable figures of SARGADELOS into whimsical pieces of jewellery.

Measures porcelain: 1,8 x 3 cm.

Adjustable from de size 11 to 17. 

Material: Porcelain and brass plated in 2 micron 18 CT gold.

Care: The gold plating fades over time, this is a normal phenomenon resulting from wear and tear. The speed of this natural process depends on the way the jewellery is taken care of.

Robin Mini Ring

Ref: 62204072


The Torques Collection is based on these pieces present in Galicia, with hundreds of inventories and which constitute one of the most representative typologies of castreña jewelry. These pieces are inspired by the Torques de Burela, one of the most salient examples.

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