Ons Island Lighthouse

Ref: 05005999


Ons island is like a long and narrow wall which protects the entrance of "Ría de Pontevedra" from the Alantic waves. It is oriented to the North-East; only the South-West is sheltered and quiet. There we can find the beaches and the port, in O Curro, the main town.

Ons, along with several islets, compose the Ons Archipelago, which is part of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands in Galicia with Cíes Islands as well as with Salvora and Cortegada Archipelagos.

On the 13th April 1865 it is lit for first time a light from fifth-range lighthouse. It was placed on the highest part of the islands and it could light up to 17 miles.


Lenght: 13 cm.

Width: 11 cm.

Height: 24,5 cm.

Material: Porcelain. 

Care: Suitable for dishwashers and microwaves.

Ons Island Lighthouse

Ref: 05005999