Triangular Green Diffuser "Bosque Encantado"

Ref: 33500083

Description: The Galician aromas collection collects the olfactory essences from Galician landscapes, the most evocative notes from our forests, valleys and seas with the aim that everyone can enjoy such fragrances at the time and place they want.

Exclusive fragrance inspired by the aroma of the magical Galician forests, inexhaustible source of myths and legends, whose leafiness are full of fragrant wood, rivers, moss and humid earth and where more than a hundred Galician mythological beings live. They guard with suspicion the most secret secrets of our thickets, hopes and fears.

The triangular decoration based on this basic shape, key to geometry and symbol of harmony, divinity and proportion, where ceramic colours join together to create colorful chromatic combinations.


- Triangular Green Enchanted Forest

- Rattan rods pack

- Enchanted Forest Fragrance (100 ml)

- Origin and meaning leaflet

- Explanation about decoration leaflet


Base diameter: 6 cm.

Head diameter: 4.5 cm.

Height: 11 cm.

Material: Porcelain.

Care: Clean with a soft damp cloth.

Triangular Green Diffuser "Bosque Encantado"

Ref: 33500083