Set Gamma Hoop Earrings

Ref: 60000468

Geometry deals with the study of the properties of figures in the plane or in space. And at SARGADELOS we dedicate ourselves, with dedication and care, to reflect on these shapes, analysing their angles and lines, in the search for beauty and harmony. We know the delicacy of the simplest geometric shapes.

For this reason, at SARGADELOS, we have designed a collection of interchangeable earrings and we have identified them using some Greek letters in recognition of the pioneers in the study of mathematics and geometry.

Hoop earrings with interchangeable pendants.

Personalize the earrings using porcelain pendants.

Diameter: 18mm.

Earring length: 47 mm.

Porcelain measures: 27 x 5 mm.

Material: Porcelain and 925 silver.

Set Gamma Hoop Earrings

Ref: 60000468


Set Beta hoop earrings, corresponding to the Geometrica collection

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