Pilgrim Sundial

Ref: 06000632


At the founding moments of the phenomenon of pilgrimage to Santiago, there were no other possibilities than to make the route on foot, with the sole exception of a privileged few who could do it on horseback or by cart. On these journeys, orientation was by following the Milky Way, the Pole Star and other geographical references. The daily patterns were marked by the sunrise and sunset or some other instrument to orientate the time of day, such as this sundial that we reproduce, encased in a scallop shell as an iconography of the Jacobean because many pilgrims could not resist the temptation to see the sun set in Fisterra, where it was thought that the world ended and where the shells came from.


Lenght: 11 cm 

Width: 11 cm 

Height: 3 cm 

Material: Porcelain

Care: Clean with a soft damp cloth.

Pilgrim Sundial

Ref: 06000632


Sundial with a horizontal polar projection that joins the collection created by X. A. Bustabad in Sargadelos, of which we made a numbered edition of 6,000 units.