Rooster GG 3

Ref: 05007027


The GG roosters from Sargadelos are exclusive pieces high technically and craft complex. Each piece is made up of a central body (different in each rooster) to which a large number of pieces are assembled to from the final shape. The peculiarity of the GG collection is that they all share the same pieces (34 pieces) excepto for the body.

This decorative piece has been painted by hand on glazed porcelain with an intense red colour, cooking in this stage at 800 º C (for third time). For this reason the production process is more laborious.


Length: 20,5 cm.

Material: Porcelain.

Care: Clean with a soft damp cloth.

Rooster GG 3

Ref: 05007027


Decorative piece that represents a rooster, highlighting its intense red color painted by hand.

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