Sargadelos is one of Europe’s most unique porcelain design and creation companies, with more than two hundred years of history closely linked to the development of Galician culture in all spheres of creativity.

"Galician earths elaborated with ideas from our times". This slogan sums up the identity of Sargadelos, from the moment Antonio Raimundo Ibáñez set an initiative underway in the early nineteenth century to convert the rich Galician clays into innovative decorative chinaware.

This project would culminate in the early twentieth century, when Sargadelos added another typical raw material to the kaolin: Galician culture, renewing its genuine motifs, forms and colours.

Using the same clay, culture and tradition as always, the company continues to make its mark in the present day, with new ideas that come together to create one of the most dynamic projects of our times.