School of Ceramics

The School of Ceramics of Sargadelos helps in the design of ceramic technology and design at international meetings held in Cervo (Lugo) during the summer months, and promotes Ceramic Arts amongst schoolchildren at O Castro (A Coruña) throughout the whole year.

Taller Internacional de Cerámica 2008

Sargadelos becomes a centre for creativity and innovation in the ceramics sector during the summer months, when the very best international representatives meet together at its centre in Cervo (Lugo) in its School of Ceramics.

Since 1972, Sargadelos has welcomed the experiences in ceramic technology and free training offered by more than two thousand professionals who, using the materials and methods of industrial techniques, develop creations connected with the cultural environment of Sargadelos, and take part in the complementary activities offered by the School.

In 2008, Sargadelos obtained the collaboration of the Xunta de Galicia, the Galician Institute of Ceramics and various departments of Galicia’s three universities connected with technology, design and fine arts to develop the "International Ceramic Trends Workshop: Technology, Uses and Forms ", held between 28 July and 8 August.

At its headquarters in O Castro (A Coruña), the Sargadelos School of Ceramics also dedicates its work to training schoolchildren in ceramic art and techniques.