Sargadelos endeavours that the presentation of all of the essential contents and functions of the website are independent from the physical devices and web browsers used for this purpose, coded using free and open technical standards, and accessible by browsers adapted for people with sensory, motor or cognitive disabilities or limitations.

In the resolution of the Council dated 25 March 2002, the European Union encourages the member States to take into account the need for digital content to be accessible. Following this recommendation, Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Services of the Information Society and E-Commerce stipulates that the Public Authorities must adopt the necessary measures to ensure that the information provided on its websites is accessible to people with disabilities and the elderly, in accordance with generally recognised criteria on the accessibility of their contents, before 31 December 2005.

In line with this goal, the Sargadelos website has been designed taking into account the recommendations on accessibility for the first level of priority of the WAI directives of the W3C.

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Quick access keys

Different combinations of keys are used to access the links that have a quick access key defined for them.

Microsoft Internet Explorer: Press the combination ALT + the quick access key, and then Enter.

Netscape and Firefox: Only press the combination ALT + the quick access key.

Opera 7 and higher: Press the Shift key (the one used to write capitals one by one) and Esc at the same time, release them and then press the quick access key.

On Macintosh keyboards, the CTRL key is used instead of the ALT key.

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